Getting Back Your Sanity Or a Day At The Home Spa

Getting Back Your Sanity Or a Day At The Home Spa

by: Kim Snyder

We all need to get back our sanity, our needs to recoup from life of work, children, hubby whatever so here is an idea that I came up with. Recouping after a hard week of just everything how about having a day at the spa? We need take time off for ourself’s something we women seldom do – We take care of the house, take care of the children, take care of the sponses, work and if we have any free time, pick up the laundry, we go grocery shopping, become the neighborhood taxi, pick up and drop off at various after school activities, fold the laundry, make the beds, putter in the garden, go to after-school meetings and a number of church activities. If we are lucky, our day ends at Midnight to start over again at 6 am the next day. Which means there is no time for mom.–
Well ladies after all that I have an idea…
REBEL – Stage a Coup Take Sometime for Yourselves!
Next time while making appointments for the children or husband – Pencil one in Mom for a Day at the Local Day Spa, if there isn’t one close then here are a great idea for you to do at home.
Remember Ladies You Are Worth It!
Next time at the grocery store or ordering for yourself online, add these few items to prepare for your Day.
A Nail File

Nail Clippers

Nail Polish

Cuticle Cream

Bath Salts or Bubble Bath, or Bath Oil, bath milk

Body Scrubs Sugar or Salt your choice

Body Wash or Soap

Moisturizing Body Cream

Facial Cleanser and Toner if you need it

Moisturizer for your Face

Deep Conditioner for your hair

Don’t Laugh Ladies this is an all out day for YOU!



Novel you been meaning to read

Your favorite beverage – I will leave it at that.

Do make sure all this in is your favorite fragrance not his or anyone else.
Number one thing is to remember warn the rest of the family that your not at home, even just lock the bedroom/bathroom door and do not disturb sign to it. Think of it this way, the last time you where out with your girlfriends and you saw that one pair of shoes you been wanting just didn’t get for somereason or another?
Everyone of your friends would have told you right then and there
Girlfriend You are Worth those! You Deserve It!
Ahh I see I am not the only one with a pair of shoes got that way. :)
Now here is what you do with all those goodies you got for your day at home. Before you start your day, TURN OFF THE PHONES! Cells too, you are not to be disturb unless someone is at dealth door and that means for real not cause the child fell down and bump their knee.
Fill your tub, while its filling, add your bath salts or oils, bubble bath, bath milks whatever your choice of moisturizing softness in your tub may be. Before climbing in to that tub put a deep healing moisturizing conditioner in your hair and cover it with a towel. Lower the lights light your candle, start your music, blow a kiss at the door and slide into the tub.
The rest of the world be forgotten as the moisturizing bath takes the world away. Scrub your toes and nails we want to be painting them later. If lucky enough to have a shower and a tub together you can stand up and scrub your body with your sugar body scrubs washing in out then fill the tub the choice ladies is yours to do. After the water cools, Rinse the conditioner out of your hair, be careful of the ends.
Rinse off but be gentle drying your skin, lather on your moisturizing body butters or favorite lotion. Later on in the day after your toes and finger nails have had time to dry throughly, take care of your nails filing/what not, then paint them in the color of your choice. If you had let your girlfriends know ahead of time of this day, Call them them all. For what? Well its time to go Shopping! For What? You don’t Know Till You Get There!! Now that you have had had your day at the Home Spa, Feeling Refresh and Relaxed you can handle again with a smile everything your busy life has you handling, till the next time You Pencil in A Day A The Home Spa!
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This article was posted on August 1, 2005