Amaterasu The Goddess of the Sun

Amaterasu The Goddess of the Sun

by: Judi Singleton

Amaterasu is a shining example of how adversity can help us to ‘blossom and bloom’ more at times. She helps us look for the lesson to be learned when the adverse times come into our lives.
In Japanese mythology, Amaterasu (pron: Ah-mah-te-lah-soo) is the radiant and compassionate Japanese sun goddess who ruled the sun, cultural unity, weaving and agriculture. So she was responsible for illiminating the world. She is a bringer of light. She wove the world. She was responsible not only for the continuing of the Japanese people but all the royal family were her decendants.
The storm god Susanowa, because he ruined her garden,Amaterasu enclosed herself in a cave and, depressed and grieving, refused to come out.Without her the fields died and the people grew hungry because without the sun there was only endless night. Amaterasu was the bringer of light to her people and without her they too grew depressed and grieving. The Goddess of mirth, Uzume rolled a copper mirror to the front of the cave, then danced wildly on an overturned tub. Her frenzied dance whipped the hundreds of gathered deities into ecstatic laughter and delight. Hearing the commotion and overcome with curiosity, Amaterasu emerged. Seeing her radiance reflected in the copper mirror, she was amazed at her brilliance. Her grief dissipated, she returned to the world and life was renewed.
Pray to Amaterasu to appreciate your own brilliance and beauty. You are unique a bringer of light. There is only one you. Whether you are virgin or crone you are beautiful. Sometimes when we do not live up to societies ideas of beauty we don’t believe in our own unique beauty. Pray to this Goddess to bring you light.

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This article was posted on March 31, 2004